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NEWS: NEW PUBLICATION Medicinal plants of the Achuar (Jivaro) of Amazonian Ecuador

I am an interdisciplinary scientist with extensive experience in conducting research about food and medicinal plants in rural communities in Latin America and currently cordinating a plant conservation programme in the Pacific region for Royal Botanic Gardens Kew More . The aim of this website is to serve as an outreach tool to connect me with diverse audiences that may be interested in my work.

After earning a degree in Biological Sciences, I have been trained as Ethnobotanist at the University of Kent and then carried out my PhD at the School of Pharmacy , University of London.

My research has focused on the management of a famine food plant in Mexico, on the use of both medicinal plants and pharmaceuticals in the medical system of an indigenous group in Southern Mexico, and on traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous people in the Bolivian and Ecuadorian Amazon . More

I am currently working for Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

In my free time I enjoy learning new skills, for example languages. I speak fluently English, Spanish, French, Italian (native) and German and you are welcome to Contact me in any of these languages.